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Prices vary by project.

Various levels of manuscript editing are available. For help with writing or completing a project, see coaching.

Proofreading - a basic check for errors. This will ensure that grammar, language mechanics, page numbers, table of contents, and overall format are correct.

Light Edit - a light touch of editing. This includes a basic check for errors and broad suggestions for improvement of readability.


Medium Edit - a medium touch of editing. This includes a basic check for errors, revisions to wordiness, fact-checking, and suggestions for improvement of logic and readability.

Heavy Edit - a heavy touch of editing. This includes a full revision and comments for areas that need improvement, checking and fixing factual errors, detailed comments on gaps in logic, and suggestions for the most polished writing. 



Prices vary by project.

Various design services are available. 

Layout -  get your finished book ready for print. A fresh look for your book is available through text placement and the setting of any graphics, lists, and photos throughout the text in a visually pleasing way. Manuscripts and supporting materials must be complete before layout can begin.  

Template creation - personalize an exquisite layout for a series of books. Receive a template for a series of books that need a consistent format and layout. Cover templates are also available.

Cover design - see your cover vision become reality. Created art can be set in a cover format. Cover design includes the front and back cover of a book. 


Prices vary by project.

Grow your idea with one-on-one author coaching sessions with Sinclaire. 

Book completion - finish up a manuscript. Find the inspiration to write the rest of the book that's been on your mind. Meet with Sinclaire virtually or in person to receive instruction. 

Author marketing - put yourself out there. Create an online presence for yourself as an author. Sinclaire will help you sell more books and connect with your audience.  

Writing help - identify your writing self. Explore the things you'd be best at writing and learn to bring out your inner author. Sit down with Sinclaire virtually or in person to get the help you need. 

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