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All Vibes Welcome

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Demonizing bad behavior doesn't work to the benefit of anyone.

We have to recognize that pain is a part of life, and sometimes our friends will freak out, be sad, maybe even do something that upsets us. It just happens.

We have to be there through the downward spirals even when things get uncomfortable. It's okay to not be able to fix things, and it's important to just be present with someone.

When Jesus walked the earth, he spent a lot of time being present with the people who needed him the most. He ate dinner with tax collectors and prostitutes and made time to help the ones who sought him out with intention.

Even though "good vibes only" seems like a good standard to create for a group of people, it's pretty unrealistic. Sure, we want good vibes because they feel good, but we shouldn't shut people out if they're having a rough time or say something disagreeable.

Plenty of people experience a decline in their social life after losing a parent, spouse, or someone close to them. Their friends may shy away after the initial condolences are sent. Or if someone starts becoming easily frustrated during a stressful time, people tend to avoid the whirlwind of emotion. It's fine to have boundaries, but sometimes the best and most heartfelt moments in life come through recognizing someone's pain and lending time to listen or help.

Sometimes we're the ones being emotional and causing unnecessary drama. Moses killed a man while he was in a state of anger. David slept with a married woman while in a state of lust, and he had her husband sent to the front lines out of fear. It's easy to get caught up in the whims of the moment, and after the dust settles, we start beating ourselves up about it.

God has a habit of choosing the most unlikely of folk to carry his important messages. Bible heroes made human mistakes, and God still used them to do great things. It's easy to listen to the guilt of bad behavior and stumble over the self-absorbed shame that plagues Christian culture. Sometimes it can seem like we just keep messing up again and again, but God doesn't see the mistakes. God sees willing hearts. God sees the gold buried in the dirty messes we make.

God has never been ashamed of you. Ever.

I choose to say "all vibes welcome" because support is so vital to human life.

Remember that we all go through difficult things and bad behavior doesn't disqualify us from deserving love. Seek to understand, even when it's uncomfortable. You might end up attracting some really great friendships that way.

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